Alma 4th Quarter Propels Them to Win

Alma hosted the Wildcats from Axtell on January 6th.  It was a close game throughout the night.  The scoring was slow but Alma outscored Axtell 7-6 in the first quarter.  Alma was lead in scoring by Abigail Cervera.  She had one three pointer and was 2-2 from the line for 5 points.  Dakota Hughes added a field goal for two points.  Tiffany Wells was 0-2 from the line.

Axtell got the hot hand in the 2nd quarter scoring 18 points to the Alma 14.  Leading for Alma was Madalyn Brugh with 7 points.  She was 2-4 from the line with one three pointer and one field goal.  Dakota had two field goals and was 1-3 from the line.  Dakota had 5 points.  Tiffany made on field goal and was 0-4 from the line for two points.  Alma went into the half trailing 24-21.

Alma outscored Axtell 15-14 in the third quarter.  Madalyn Brugh had 6 points this quarter.  She had one three pointer and was 3-4 from the line.  Dakota Hughes had 5 points.  She had a field goal plus foal that she scored a free throw on for the three point play. She added another field to make the five points.  Tiffany Wells had two field goals for 4 points.

Alma had a great 4th quarter and outscored the Wildcats 13-8.  Madalyn Brugh lead scorers with one field goal and one three pointer.  Dakota Hughes added 2 points with being 2-4 from the line.  Shiann Spady added two more points by shooting 100% from the line.  Abigail Cervera had a field goal and was also 2-2 from the line for 4 points.  Tiffany continued to struggle from the line being 0-2.

Madalyn Brugh lead all teams by scoring 18 points.  No other stats were available at the time of publication.

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