Alma Boys Fall Short Against Hitchcock County

During the first quarter, Alma falls short scoring only 11 points and Hitchcock County scoring a total of 13 points. Senior David Ehrke scored 3 three-pointers in the first quarter and Senior Ty Heft made both of his free-throws.  This ended the quarter Alma trailing 11-13.

In the second quarter, the tables turn while Hitchcock scores 11 points and Alma scores 13. David Ehrke leads the Cardinal team in the first half with 17 out of 24 points the first half. Ending the first half 24-24. Junior Jarrod Asche scored two lay-ups in the second quarter.

Alma scores 9 points during the third quarter and Hitchcock scores 12. Cooper Wright scores one lay-up and two free-throws. Ty Heft and David Ehrke both score two points during the third quarter. By the end of the quarter, that score was 36 to 33.

By the fourth quarter that Alma boys struggled to make up the difference and ended the game down by three, 46 to 43. Sophomore Burke Boehler scored one three-pointer and a lay-up in the fourth quarter. Asche scored the other 5 points of the quarter.

Article by Bonnie Nelson



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