Alma Brings Home 6 Medals from CCC Action Days

On Wednesday 15, CCC Action Days was held in Hastings, Nebraska. Senior, Shelby Butts, placed second in anatomy. Also senior, Gunner Prickett, placed second in notorious people, fourth in potpourri and fifth in civil war. Junior, Hallie Prickett, was awarded second in spelling and fourth in chemistry. Sophomore, Abby Waldo, received second in vocabulary. The participants who went to CCC Action Days include, Gunner Prickett, Parker Janicek, Shelby Butts, Stephanie Eddy, Matthew Bell, Erica Barwick, Emma Smolik, Hallie Prickett, Jule Erdmann, Madison Cervera, Kaleb Kindler, Janae Schluntz, Ty Heft, Kelsey Kermmoade, Alissa Vlach, Abigail Waldo and Hunter Dahlgren.

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