Alma Football Team Brings In Another Win Against Bertrand

The Bertrand Vikings came to Alma for the football game on Friday, October 6th. Wyatt Wilen from Bertrand started the game out with a touchdown with a 7 yard run with 4:09 left on the clock. Two minutes later Kaleb Kindler scored a touchdown from a 41 pass from Burke Boehler.   The two-point conversion for Alma and Bertrand failed, ending the first quarter, 6-6.

Kaleb Kindler scores another touchdown in the second quarter making the score 12-6. Kindler ran the ball into the end zone and made Alma’s score go up two points, giving them 14. Miles Peterson score a 43-yard Fumble run, making the score 14-12, failing in the two-point conversion due to the pass failing. The score at the end of the second Quarter was 14-12.

As half-time began, the rain started to come down even harder than before, causing a rain delay. Eventually, the football boys came back out and started the third quarter.   With 13 seconds left, Daylan Russell scoring the third touchdown of the night by catching a 17-yard pass from Burke Boehler. Kaleb Kindler ran the ball in making the score 22-12.

Wyatt Wilken scored the third touchdown for the Bertand Vikings with a one-yard run. Jordan Holen ran the ball in for the two-point conversion. Daylan scored his second touchdown; and the fourth for Alma, from a 17-yard pass from Burke Boehler. The run failed, still allowing the Cardinals to come out with a win. The score at the end of the fourth quarter was 28-20.

Kaleb Kindler led the team in rushing with 34 attempts for a total of 187 yards, Burke Boehler was behind him with 53 yards. Kaleb Kindler and Daylan Russell caught three passes from Burke Boehler, Kaleb with a total of 67 yards and Daylan with 47. Overall, the Alma football boys held their ground resulting in a win for the Alma Cardinals. The next game will be in Alma against Elm Creek at 7 with mini cheer camp during half time.

By Tiffany Wells

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