Alma Football Team Come Back Falls Short

Thursday, October 18th, Alma hosted a football game against the Arapahoe Warriors for the final game of the season. This was a needed game to win for the Alma Cardinals to make it into playoffs. Alma played a tough game against the Warriors and fought back hard the entire game. 

In the first quarter, Ayden Molzahn had a 4-yard run scoring 6 points. Daylan Russell ran for the two-point conversion, scoring a total of 8 points. Daylan Russell also had a 10-yard run but a failed conversation scoring another 6 points for the Cardinals. Arapahoe also scored two touchdowns with one two-point conversion. Leaving the score 14-14.

In the second quarter, Ehren Smolik scored a touchdown with a 12-yard pass from Dylan Russell. Daylan then ran for the two-point conversion and successfully completed the play. Daylan Russell also scored a touch down with a 12-yard run but failed the two-point conversion. Arapahoe scored two touchdowns and completed both two-point conversions. Leaving Alma trailing 28-30 at halftime.

In the third quarter, Daylan Russell threw a 52-yard pass to Nathan Hock for the touchdown. Alma had a failed two-point conversion. Arapahoe also scored a touchdown but failed the conversion points. Leaving the final score in that quarter 34-36.

Arapahoe started the 4th quarter by scoring a touchdown and completing the two-point conversion.  They moved ahead 44-34.  Alma Cardinals had a quick answer to that with  Daylan Russell’s14 yard run and the successful two-point conversion which left Alma down 2 points.  This moved Alma back within 2 of the warriors.  Antonio Hudson scored the go-ahead touchdown with a 55-yard run and the two-point conversion failed.  This put Alma ahead 50-44.  With short time remaining Ehren Smolik intercepted a pass from Arapahoe’s quarterback, this was a huge turning point of the game. Unfortunately, Alma fumbled the ball near the Arapahoe goal and they recovered the fumble.  Arapahoe scored quickly after the fumble recovery and completed the two-point conversion to go ahead by two points.  Alma offense tried to score in the last few seconds of the game but was unable to connect for the win. 

Offensive highlights for the game were Daylan Russell with a total amount of 224 yards thrown and Tyson McCurdy for his 69 yards ran. Defensive highlights were Nathan Hock having 11 tackles throughout the game.  Our Alma Cardinal football boys had a very tough season and played very hard throughout. 

Article By Haylee Wing

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