Alma Girls Place Third in RPAC

After a tough loss to Cambridge, the Alma girls play in the Consolation game and came out with a win against Wallace. The girls started off slow, only scoring 4 points in the first quarter. Scoring in the first quarter was, Kaitlyn Harrison making 2 out of 4 free throws and Tiffany Wells with a 2 pointer. The second quarter Madalyn Brugh scored 2 points, Dakota hit two free throws and a three! Kayla Kindler got 2 points and Tiffany got 4. Going into half time the score was 17-8. Third quarter, Madison Cervera hit 1 out of 2 free throws, Kayla and Tiffany both got two points. Kaitlyn Harrison got 5 points. The 4th quarter was the highest scoring quarter for the girls that game.Dakota hit both free throws, Kayla hit 2 out of 3 free throws, Tiffany got 1 out of 2 free throws and got 2 points, Kaitlyn Harrison got 4, two pointers and 2 out of 3 free throws. Kaitlyn Harrison led the Cardinals with the high point of 17, than Tiffany Wells with 11, Dakota Hughes with 7, Kayla Kindler with 6, Maddie Brugh with 2, and Madison Cervera with 1. The Cardinals ended the game with 59% from the free throw line and the Score was 44-30.

Article by Tiffany Wells

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