Alma Girls Roll Eustis Farnam

In the first quarter against Eustis Farnam, the lead scorer was tied with Tiffany Wells and Abby Cervera with 8 points. Followed by Maddie with three points. Rounding out the scoring is Emma Smolik,  Dakota Hughes, Shaiann Spady all with 2 points. The Cardinals showed great defense and held the Knights to 2 points.  This ended the first quarter with a score of 25-2.

In the second quarter, the lead scorer was Tiffany Wells with 8 points.  She was followed by Maddie Brugh with 5 points. Maloree Graf had a three-pointer. Shiann Spady and Abby Cervera both had 2 points. They were followed by Maddie Ehrke with one free throw.  This ended the quarter with 21 points for the Cardinals and 7 for the Knights.  The Lady Cardinals headed to the locker room with a 46-9 lead.

In the third quarter, Tiffany Wells was the lead scorer with 6 points, very closely followed by Maddie Brugh with 5 points.  Maloree Graf scored 2 points and this ended the third quarter with 13 points.  The girls extended their lead to 59-17.

In the fourth quarter, the lead scorer was Abby Cervera with 4 points. Closely followed by Malorie Graf with 3 points.  Tiffany Wells and Maddie Ehrke both contributed 2 points. They ended the fourth quarter with 11 points.  Alma won the game with a score of 70-25.

Article by Trevor Bruhn

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