Alma Girls Take Down Elwood

The girls played a wonderful game against Elwood. In the first quarter, Dakota Hughes led the scoring with 6 points closely followed by Maddie Brugh and Abby Cervera with 4 points each. They were followed by Tiffany Wells with 2 points. Alma ended the first quarter with 16 points total putting Alma ahead 16 to 14.

In the Second quarter, the leading scorer was Abby Cervera with 5 free throws. Abby was closely followed my Maddie Brugh who had 4 points. Alma ended the second quarter with 9 points. Keeping Alma in the lead with 25 to 18.

The third quarter was the highest scoring quarter with Tiffany Wells having 8 points, followed by Abby Cervera with 6 points. The third scorer was Maddie Brugh with 3 points. Alma ended the third quarter with 17 points.  Alma kept the lead 41 to 27.

In the fourth quarter, Alma stumbled a bit with Dakota Hughes with only 3 points and Tiffany Wells with 2 points.  Elwood came back scoring 19 points. Ending the quarter 46 to 46.  This sent the game into over time.

In overtime, Maddie Brugh scored 6 points followed by Maddie Cervera and Shiann Spady scored 2 points and Dakota Hughes scored one. Ending the game 58 to 55. This secured Alma with the win.

Article by Trevor Bruhn


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