Alma Had a Tough Loss Against Cambridge

On Friday, September 29th, the Cardinal football team played against the Cambridge Trojans. Cambridge scored the first touchdown, with a five-yard run. They got the two-point conversion to take the lead 8-0.  Kaleb Kindler scored the first and last touchdown for Alma, the two-point conversion failed, leaving Alma with six and Cambridge with eight. Cambridge score two more touchdowns in the first quarter, ending the quarter with a score of 6-22.

Alma couldn’t keep up with Cambridge in the second quarter, allowing Cambridge to have a good second quarter, scoring four touchdowns against Alma. All conversions were good. Cambridge took the ball from Alma in their end zone, giving them two points. The first touchdown of the second quarter was scored with 9 minutes and 49 seconds left on the clock. Second: 8:36 Third: 4:06 Fourth 1:50. The score at the end of the second quarter was 6-56.

Cambridge scored two touchdowns in the third quarter, ending the third quarter with 6-72. The first touchdown was at 9:46 allowing the Trojans to go from 56 to 64. Alma allowed one more touchdown leaving the score at 72.

Alma held their ground in the fourth quarter, allowing no touchdowns for the Trojans. Alma was unable to score again.

Alma had a total of 149 yards on offense with a total of 52 attempts.  Cambridge has 431 yards with 49 attempts.  Kaleb Kindler rushed 75 yards, Tyson McCurdy and Jarod Ache both rushed 18 yards. Burke attempted 11 passes with two being complete. Cooper Wright caught one pass and Tyson McCurdy caught the second pass and went 14 yards. David Ehrke had 4 punts that totaled 81 yards. The next football game will be parent’s night in Alma, against Bertrand at 7 p.m.

Article by Tiffany Wells

Pictures by Jadyn Heckenlively

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