Alma has a Close Game With Amherst

On December 9th, Alma hosted the Amherst Broncos.  Alma girls fought hard throughout the game but came up just short.  In the first quarter, Maddie Brugh scored a total of 10 points leading the team. She was helped to make the first quarter’s total 12 by Tiffany Wells scoring 2 points.

In the second quarter, Maddie Brugh still leads the team with seven points with two of them being free throws. She was helped again by Tiffany Wells who scored another 2 points. Ending the first half with a total of 21 points.  Alma outscored the Broncos by 2 and went into the half with a 3 point deficit.

In the third quarter, the lead scorer was Dakota Hughes with 4 points. supported by Shiann Spady with 2 and Maddie Cervera with one point. Ending the third quarter with 28 points.

In the fourth and final quarter, the lead scorer was Shiann Spady with 3 points. Followed by Maddie Brugh, Dakota Hughes, Abby Cevera, and Tiffany Wells all with 2 points. Ending the Game Alma 39 and Amherst 45.

Defensively the Cardinals were led by Emma Smolik with 4 steals.  Fouls plagued the Cardinals on the night with 3 players fouling out.  The Cardinals hope to have a strong showing against the Roughriders on Tuesday in Alma.



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