Alma Musicians Receive 17 Superiors, 1 Excellent Rating at District Music Contest

The Alma Music Department competed with twelve other schools in the District V Music Contest at Southern Valley for the large ensembles, and in Wilcox for the solos and small groups.  Alma took four  large ensembles, and 13 small ensembles and solos to the contest.   In total over the two-day event, seventeen of the events earned superior ratings (I) the highest rating possible, and one received an Excellent  (II) ratings, the second highest rating.  Three judges judge all large ensembles, and one judge watches small ensembles and solos.   (It takes two out of three judges to grade you superior to earn a regular superior rating)

In addition to the superior ratings, three of Alma’s large ensembles, Choir, Jazz Band, and Jazz choir, received straight superior ratings from all three judges, earning them District Superior Plaques for their efforts.

Solos and small groups can be awarded “Outstanding Performance Awards” by their judges.  Each judge can give one “Outstanding Performance Award” to an event they have judged through the day, and can give two honorable mention awards.  There were 11 such awards given on Friday, four of them went to Alma. 

Here is a rundown of all of Alma’s ensembles from District Music Contest:

(Ratings scale is as follows:  I = Superior Rating  II = Excellent, III = Good, IV = Fair, V = Poor)

Choir – I District Plaque

Jazz Band – I District Plaque

Jazz Choir – I District Plaque

Band – II

Carter Davis Trumpet Solo – I

Kelsey Kermmoade Trumpet Solo – I

Sadie Ritter Euphonium Solo – I

Christian Hansen Bari Sax Solo – I

Peyton McQuay Clarinet Solo – I

Mashea Beman Vocal Solo – I

David Ehrke Vocal Solo – I

Hallie Prickett Vocal Solo – I

Mens Duet (Christian Hansen and Ethan Snyder – I Outstanding Performance Award

Anna Stenka Vocal Solo – I Outstanding Performance Honorable Mention

Girls Vocal Quintet – I Outstanding Performance Award

Alto Sax Duet  (Kaitlyn Harrison and Abby Waldo) – I

Men’s Barbershop  – I Outstanding Performance Award Honorable Mention

Women’s Ensemble – I

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