Alma Wins Girls Basketball Game at Elwood

Alma was behind in the first quarter but rallied in the second quarter to go ahead of Elwood. In the first quarter, Kortnie Lennemann scored 2 points, Abby Cevera scored 2 points, Tiffany Wells scored 2, and Abby Fox scored 2. In the 2nd quarter, Dakota Hughes scored 2 points, Carlee Stuhmer scored 6 points and Tiffany Wells scored 4 points.

In the 3rd quarter Tiffany Wells scored 2 points, Kayla Kindler scored 8 points and 2 free throws, Abby Fox scored 2 points, and Maloree Graf scored 1 free throw. In the 4th quarter Dakota Hughes scored 1 free throw, Carlee Stuhmer scored 1 free throw, Abby Cevera scored 1 free throw and 3 points, Kayla Kindler scored 2 free throws in a row, and Tiffany Wells scored the teams final 2 points.

Article by Adam Gesick

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