Alma Wrestling Team Starts Up a New Season

The Alma Wrestling team 5 returning letter winners Jesus Felix (12) Hector Lugo (11) Joseph Felix (10) Tyson McCurdy (10) and Mitchell Gehrig (10). This is coach Felix’s 8th year as head coach in Alma He states that “We are looking for a few Freshmen to join the team and provide competitiveness in the practice room and at meets. This year’s returning athletes have shown growth on the football field and weight room, we hope it continues onto the wrestling mat. This year we plan to compete for high placement as a team in tournaments, and we plan on placing as many wrestlers as we can. We will focus on learning from each match and winning key match-ups.” Anticipated new contributors to the Alma Wrestling team are Kyle Johnson and Joshua Mapes.

Article By:  Emily Malone

2015-16 schedule.

TOURNAMENT NAME                                              TOURNAMENT LOCATION

12/1 Cambridge Dual Tournament                                           Cambridge

12/3 Harvard Invitational (1-Day Tourney)                              Harvard

12/9 Southern Valley Invitational (1-Day Tourney)          Southern Valley

12/17 Cambridge Invitational (1-Day Tourney)                      Cambridge

1/7 Franklin Invitational Tournament (1-Day Tourney)        Franklin

1/13 Elm Creek Invitational (1-Day Tourney)                          Elm Creek

1/14 Kenesaw/Shelton Invitational (1-Day Tourney)               Kenesaw

1/20 RPAC Tournament (1-Day Tourney)                         Med Valley (Curtis)

1/28 Red Cloud Invitational (4-Team Tourney)                      Red Cloud

2/3 Loup City Invitational (1-Day Tourney)                               Loup City

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