Bowlers Taking on Conference

On Saturday, January 13, the High school bowling team will be bowling in their conference bowling tournament. Their conference consists of four teams: Alma, Hastings St. Cecilia, McCool Junction, and Ravenna. The bowling teams have bowled against three of them so far with the girls beating Ravenna. So far Callie Broeker has thrown eight games and four points and Shiann Spady and Bonnie Nelson have thrown 4 games. Shiann has 2 points and Bonnie has 1.5. The boys that have bowled are Marcus Pineda, Charles McConnell, and Christian Regenscheid. Marcus has the high game for boys with a 169 and for the girls Callie Broeker has a 152. On Saturday they will be having two new girls: Kaitlyn Harrison and Tiffany Wells. They boys will be having on new boy: Gunner Prickett. Following right after their conference games they will be making up a tournament with McCool Junction.

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