Burwell Squeaks Past the Cardinals

The Alma Carinal boys basketball team played against the Burwell Longhorns on Tuesday, February 21 in the district final game. The first quarter started off well with Alma leading 7 to 4 halfway through the first quarter.At the end of the first Alma had a 14 to 6 lead on the longhorns. At half time alma had a 12 point lead on the longhorns with the score being 32 to 20. Halfway through the third though Burwell started to close the gap with the score being 40 to 33 heading into the fourth. Towards the end of the game it started to be a nail biter with Burwell ahead by one but luckily Sophomore Jackson Mckenzie made both of his free throws to get ahead of the longhorns by 2 points. Burwell then made a basket with only seconds left on the clock to tie it up and send the game into overtime. Both teams battled back and forth in overtime until Alma was down by 2 with 7 seconds left on the clock. Sadly Alma did not prevail and the longhorns won the ticket to the state. The Boys Basketball team had a great season with a record of 15 – 5.

Article by Charles McConnell

Pictures by Mrs. Schemper

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