Cardinals Fought the Falcons but Fell Short of a Win

On December 8, 2017, the Alma Cardinals traveled to Wilcox to play the Falcons. Although the boys fought hard throughout the game, they came 17 points short of a win. The Alma boys scored a total of 9 points while Amherst scored five more than them, ending the first quarter with a score of 9-14 with Wilcox winning. During the first quarter, Jackson McKenzie scored seven points. Two 2 pointers and three out of four free throws. Ty Heft and Jackson Shields both got fouled and put on the line. Both made one out of two free throws and together contributed two points to the team for the first quarter.

In the second quarter, Cooper Wright made one 2 pointer, one 3 pointer, and 2 out of 2 free throws, leading the team with 7 points. Ty Heft made five points, one being a three and the other being a 2 point shot, and Burke Boehler had 2 points. Wilcox scored a total of 14 points. Going into halftime, the score was 23-28 with the Alma Cardinals behind by 5 points.

Coming back from the 10-minute halftime, the Alma Cardinals scored 9 points making their score 32. Jackson McKenzie made two out of two free throws and a two-pointer. Burke Boehler shot and made a three-point shot and David Ehrke made two free throws. The Wil-Hil Falcons scored one more than the Cardinals allowing their score to be 38.

In the final quarter, the Cardinals fell behind only scoring 4 points. Wilcox came out and scored 16 points. In the fourth quarter, Burke Boehler and Nathan Hock scored the four points for the Cardinals. The final score of the game was 36-54.

David Ehrke and Myles McTee led the team in Defensive rebounds with four each. Jackson Shields, David Ehrke, and Myles McTee all had one offensive rebound. Jackson Mckenzie has 3 assists and right behind him was Ty Heft with 2 assists. Ty Heft and Burke Boehler had 2 steals and the team had a total of 6 steals. Burke Boehler, David Ehrke, and Jackson Shields all had blocks while on defense making the team block total four. For free throws, Ty Heft made 1 out of 2, Jackson McKenzie made 5 out of 7, Jackson Shields made 1 out of 2, Cooper Wright made 2 out of 2, and David Ehrke made 2 out of 4. Overall, the team made 11 out of 17 and made the free throw percentage be 65%.

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