Alma Basketball Girls Win Game 45 to 37

On December 21 of 2018 the Alma Cardinals played the Elwood Knights. In the first quarter they Cardinals started off with Kortnie Lennemann shooting and making a field goal, along with Abby Cervera, Tiffany Wells, and Abigail Fox totaling the first quarter with eight points. In the second quarter, the Cardinals played good with Dakota […]

Alma Freshman/Sophomores Boys Fall to Holdrege

Monday January 7, the Alma Freshman/Sophomore played the dusters of Holdrege High School. Holdrege jumped out to a quick lead in the first quarter leading 15-7 heading into the second. Kaden Broeker led the Dusters in first quarter points with eight points. Tanner Heckenlively led the Cardinals with three points. Owen Jackson and Antonio Hudson […]

The Cardinals Out Flew the Flyers

The Alma Cardinals played the Franklin Flyers on Thursday, January 3rd. The Cardinals played a tough game against the Flyers. In the first quarter they started out strong with Jackson McKenzie making both free throws, Burke Boehler scoring two three-pointers and Nathan Hock scoring four field goals in a row! In the first quarter the […]

Alma Boys Falls Short Against the Wildcats

The Alma Cardinal boys basketball team traveled to Axtell on Saturday, January 5th, to play against the Wildcats. To start of the game Jackson Mckenzie scored two 2-pointers and made one free throw shot making a total of 5 points for the Cardinals. Also scoring in the first quarter Carter Davis with a two-pointer and […]

Alma Girls Beats Exeter – Milligan to Win the Holiday Tourament

To start the game Tiffany Wells scores a field goal. Dakota Hughes comes back and scores a field goal. Tiffany Wells came back and scored two more points. Carlee Stuhmer moves the ball back down and scores 2 and scores again the next possession. Tiffany Wells scores two points in transition. Nakayla Hock comes off […]

Alma Girls Beat Silverlake in the Holiday Tournament

Carlee Stuhmer started the game off early with 2 points. Then shortly after Abby Fox came down and scored 2. Then she got fouled and missed the free throw. Then Tiffany Wells made 2 points. Kayla Kindler rushed over and splashed a 3 and Kayla made another 3. That was the end of quarter 1 with 12 […]

Cambridge Wrestling Meet Results

The Alma boys wrestling team left Cambridge with 5th place. Senior: Tyson McCurdy got 4th place. Senior: Joseph Felix got 2nd place. Junior: Daylan Russel got 1st place. Freshman: Ayden Molzahn got 4th place. All around the boys did a really good job. Seniors: Tyson and Joseph a closing in on 100 career wins!! Next […]

Alma Freshmen/Sophomore Lady Cardinals Won the Tournament in Arapahoe

Monday, December 10, 2018, the Freshmen/Sophomore Lady Cardinals Basketball team traveled to Arapahoe, Nebraska to play with Arapahoe Warriors and the Cambridge Trojans. The Lady Cardinals started the tournament making 11 points in the first quarter. Carlee Stuhmer had 4 points. Kaylee Baker and 3 points. Nakayla Hock and Madison both had 2 points for […]

Roughriders Fought Through Alma Strength

Alma Boys Varsity Basketball team played at Southwest against the Roughriders Tuesday, December 11, at 7. Starting the game off Jackson Mckenzie scored two 2-pointers putting 4 points on the score board for the Cardinals. Burke Boehler added 7 more points on the board by making two 2-pointers and a 3-pointer. Roughriders scored 17 points […]

Alma Lady Cardinals Cold Shooting Propels Bertrand to Win

Alma and Bertrand girls basketball team started the game trading shots.   Kortnie Lennemann and Dakota Hughes went 1-2 from the free throw line. Kayla Kindler and Tiffany Wells both had 2 points in the first quarter.  The score at the end of the first quarter was 6-8.  Both teams fought hard in the second quarter. Starting […]