Alma Wins Girls Basketball Game at Elwood 45 to 37

Alma was behind in the first quarter but rallied in the second quarter to go ahead of Elwood. In the first quarter, Kortnie Lennemann scored 2 points, Abby Cevera scored 2 points, Tiffany Wells scored 2, and Abby Fox scored 2. In the 2nd quarter, Dakota Hughes scored 2 points, Carlee Stuhmer scored 6 points […]

Alma Wrestlers Own the Mat in Franklin

Alma wrestlers has been very busy the last two week before the Christmas break to start things off they held a Dual Quad (12/14/18) with Arapahoe, Elwood, and Hastings St. Cecilia. Alma was able to get a win over Hastings St. Cecilia (48-9). Some outstanding performances during the duals: Daylan Russell went 3-0 with three […]

Alma Cardinals destroyed the Franklin Flyers

Alma Cardinals boys destroy the Franklin Flyers on Thursday, January 3. In the first quarter, Burke Boehler had 2 three-pointers putting up six points on the board. Nathan Hock put up 8 points on the board having the leading points in the first quarter. Jackson McKenzie makes both of his free throws to help out […]

The Cardinals Swooped the Knights

The Alma Cardinals played the Eustis-Farnam Knights on January 10th. The first quarter started off with Dakota Hughes scoring three field goals and one free throw. Carlee Stuhmer scoring four field goals in a row along with Abby Cervera scoring one free throw and Abbi Fox scoring one two pointer with the first quarter with […]

The Cardinals Put Up a Good Fight Against the Falcons

The Alma boys went up against Hitchcock County last Saturday the 12th.  To start off the first quarter Jackson McKenzie made one out of two free throws. Burke Boehler was next to score with a field goal followed by another basket from Isaac McCurdy. McKenzie finished the quarter with making two free-throw and a field […]

Cardinals Conquer the Eustis Farnum Knights

Alma had a stupendous win against the Eustis Farnam Knights on January 9th. During the first quarter, Dakota Hughes started off the game with 3 field goals and a free throw. Carlee Stuhmer followed up with a 3 pointer and 3 field goals. Abby Cervera made one out of 2 free throws. Abigail Fox also […]

Cardinals Played a Tough Game Against Amherst Broncos

Alma basketball boys went to Amherst on the 8th and played a tough game. Jackson McKenzie started off the game with 4 points and and then Carter Davis made a 3-point field goal. Hunter Dahlgren made 2 free throws, making only one. The final score of the first quarter was 8. In the second quarter […]

Elm Creek Wrestling Results

The Alma Wrestling team had a full weekend of wrestling: Friday night they headed to Elm Creek placing 5th as a team.Matteo Canals earned himself the new record for the fastest pin at the 106 lb weight class with a :17 second pin and along with Andrew Graf Placed 5th. Jonah Felix Had two pins on […]

Alma Girls Basketball Loses a Hard Fought Game at Amherst

In the 1st quarter, Dakota Hughes #4 made 1 basket, Carlee Stuhmer #12 scored 2 points, and Tiffany Wells #34 scored 2 baskets. In the 2nd quarter, Carlee Stuhmer made 2 points and 1 free throw. In the 3rd quarter, Dakota Hughes made 1 basket and 1 free throw, Carlee Stuhmer scored two 3 pointers, […]

Cardinals Flogged The Mustangs

On Friday, December 28th, the Cardinals had a tremendous win against the Silver Lake Mustangs. During the first quarter, Jackson McKenzie started off the game strong with 2 field goals. Burke Boehler followed up with another 2 pointer. Nathan Hock also made a field goal, leading Alma to score 9 points. In the second quarter, […]