Football Team Finished Season at Southwest

On October 19th, Alma played its final game at Southwest scoring 20-64 in the end. In the first quarter, the game started off with Nathan Hock scoring a 10-yard fumble return.  The point after attempt run failed.  Cody Downey countered with a 56-yard run and subsequent 2 point conversion run. Southwest continued to roll in the first quarter with Kaden Guerrero’s 25-yard run.  Cody Downey scored again with a 2-yard run.  Logan Greeniee scored on a 4-yard run and again with a 36-yard run.  Alma countered with Daylan Russell having a 17-yard run and a failed 2 point conversion.  The end score of the first quarter was 12-40.

In the second quarter, there was only one player that scored. Kaden Guerrero had an 8-yard run. Ending the quarter with a score of 12-48.

In the third quarter, Southwest started with Kaden Guerrero having a 56-yard run. They continued their high powered offense with a Grant Slater 3-yard run.  Alma was able to score again with Cooper Wright having a  38-yard run and Kaleb Kindler ran the ball for the 2 point conversion. The final score of the game was 20-64. There were no touchdowns in the fourth quarter.

The Cardinals Defense was led by Joseph Felix lead with 11 tackles. Ehren Smolik had seven. Kaleb Kindler and Daylan Russell both had 6 tackles. Gage Stanteiski, Tyson McCurdy, and Cole Lindsay had 5 tackles. Jarod Asche, Cooper Wright, Tanner Kauk, and David Ehrke had 4 tackles. Colton Dahlgren had 3 tackles, and Antonio Hudson had 2 tackles.

Article by Trevor Bruhn

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