Future Problem Solvers Start Their Season

The Alma Future Problem Solvers will be going to Holdrege Wednesday, November 29th for a convention to learn what they will be writing about.   Future Problem Solving is a way for kids to think creatively and utilize writing skills to defend, describe, and work through situations and problems. They will use a set form of examining a “Future Scene” and work together to identify problems and solutions in that scenario. When the team “competes” they complete a 12 step process of writing up their analyzation of the scenario.Typically there are two practice problems and then there is a 3rd problem which is the State Qualifying Problem. This problem must be completed in a two-hour session with no outside help or notes.

The FPS workshop next week is for students to practice the process and learn about the topic for the upcoming challenge scenario. The advanced students this year are: Peyton McQuay, Abby Waldo, Carter Davis, Hallie Prickett, Kelsey Kermmoade and Hunter Dahlgren. We will also be adding some junior high students to learn the process.

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