JH Boys Basketball Travel to Bertrand

In the first quarter of the junior high A team, Jason Stenka scored 2 points. Bertrand scored 7 points in the first quarter. The second quarter wasn’t any better scoring 3 points, a free throw from Gage Thulin and 2 points from Aden Molzahn. Bertrand scored 10 points during the 2nd quarter.

Starting the second half with the score of 157-5, alma losing. Jason Stenka Scored 2 points the third quarter while Bertrand scored 11. In the fourth quarter Grant McQuay scored 2 points and so did Wyatt Hammond. Bertrand scored 13, ending the game 41-11.

In the First quarter of the B teams game, Ryan Brugh scored and layup and a three-pointer, JT Clapp scored a field goal. In the second quarter Jack Waldo scored 2 points, JT Clapp got two lay-ups, and Blake Waters hit one free throw.

Alma started the second half leading 1-12.   Blake Waters hit a three-pointer and JT Clapp hit a field goal. Bertrand scored 8. In the fourth quarter, Bertrand scored 3 and we didn’t score. Ending the game with a score of 12-19, Alma won.

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