Juniors Travel to UNK for Science Day

The Junior class took the trip to UNK for a Science Field Day. The students got to go into the classrooms and do different activities with the professors. The first stop for the juniors was in the chemistry lab. At this station the students did different tests to identify chemicals. Moving on to the next session the students went into the planetarium and learned about the constellations. Moving on to the next station the students went to learn about the wildlife biologists and how they capture and mark the animals to keep track of the population. The juniors also got a glimpse of working in a crime seen for their fourth station. They learned how to test blood types, dust for fingerprints, and many other crime investigating skills. Lastly the students went to the engineering station which seemed to be the most favorite. The students got to shoot a ping pong ball into a two liter bottle, lay on a bed of nails, and play with plenty of other cool machines.

Article by:  Jadyn Heckenlively

Pictures by: Carson Wolfe

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