Lady Cardinals Comeback Stuns Bertrand

On Thursday, January 26th, the Alma girls basketball team played Bertrand for the third round of RPAC and got a well deserved win. In the first quarter, Alma scored 19 points but that wasn’t enough to keep up with the Vikings that scored 24 points. Abby Cervera started the cardinals off with a three pointer, making the score 10-3 in the beginning of the first. Kayla Kindler then hit a three and than a free throw. Tiffany Wells also made one free throw. Maddie Brugh made one 3 pointer and one field goal. Kayla Kindler hit yet another three point shot and made a free throw, Maddie Brugh made two free throws which ended the first quarter. All these shots made gave the Cardinals 19 points. For the Bertrand Vikings, Dahlgren led the team for the first quarter, giving the team 14 out of their 24 points.
Pushing hard in the second quarter to score and stay low on defense, the Cardinals began to succeed. Kayla Kindler started the second quarter off with a swish that counted as three points, which was followed by another three by Maddie Brugh. Abby Cervera got a nice two point shot giving the cardinals their 27th point. Maddie Brugh got a good look for a three point shot and swished it and then turned around and made a field goal. The Cardinals began to shut down Dahlgren, but still allowed her to make 8 points in the second. Going into half time, the score of the game was 38-32 with the cardinals behind.
During half time, the Alma coaches encouraged the girls to play with their full heart and to get the win that they full heartedly deserve. When jogging into the gym, the girls held their heads high with such confidence and determination. The Cardinals started the third quarter in a box and one to try and shut Dahlgren down. We started Emma Smolik on her because she is a very good defensive player. The Cardinals scored five points in the third quarter. Maddie Brugh made two free throws, Tiffany Wells made 1 free throw, and Dakota Hughes made a field goal. The cardinals shut Bertrand offense down allowing them to score seven points. Their box and one did the job, not allowing Dahlgren to score any points. The score by the end of the quarter was 45-37.
The cardinals knew that they needed to push hard the next quarter if they wanted the win over Bertrand. Abby Cervera helped the cardinals by scoring 14 points. Abby Cervera got fouled two times in a row driving to the hole, allowing her to score 4 free throws in a row. Kayla Kindler hit a field goal, making the score 43. Abby Cervera scored the rest of the team’s points. Abby drove to the hoop, made the shot and got fouled, leading her to the free throw line to make yet another free throw. She then proceeded to make another field goal and a three pointer. She then got fouled again scoring the last two points for the Cardinals. Dakota and Emma both played defense on Dahlgren and completely shut her down. The Vikings scored 7 points in the fourth quarter. Which allowed the Cardinals to beat them by one point. The ending score was 53-52.

Article by Tiffany Wells

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