Lady Cardinals Fought Hard Against Franklin Flyers

The Alma girls began with a slow start scoring only seven points in the first quarter. The points were scored with a three pointer by senior Maddie Brugh, and 2 jump shots scored by juniors Dakota Hughes and Tiffany Wells. The Franklin girls scored a little more than us in the first quarter with 13 points.

The Lady Cardinals caught up in the second quarter scoring 15 points bring the score up to 22, while the Flyers scored 15 bringing their points up to 28. Maddie Brugh lead the girls with 9 points in the second quarter. Sophomore Shiann Spady stepped up and got a lay-up, helping out the team.

Our girls fought hard after halftime, scoring 13 points while Franklin only scored 7 making the score 35-35. Most of the points in the third quarter came from free-throws, Brugh made all of her 4 free-throws, while juniors Tiffany Wells, Dakota Hughes, sophomore Abby Cervera, and freshman Maddie Ehrke all made one.

By the fourth quarter, things between the Flyers and Cardinals were getting pretty intense, scoring back and forth one after another. The Flyers scored a total of 11 points in the final quarter. The Lady Cards scored only 8 total points, leaving the score at 46-43. Alma took a very tough loss and fought the whole way through but sadly came up short.

The Alma girls definitely got into foul trouble by the end, leading to 2 strong players fouling out in the fourth quarter, Tiffany Wells and Dakota Hughes. Leading the team in points was senior Maddie Brugh scoring 20 points throughout the game, coming up in second was sophomore Shiann Spady with 8 points total.

Article BY Bonnie Nelson

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