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Washington Post March

The 4th Graders continue their American composer unit by learning about the March King, John Philip Sousa. Enjoy their cup song to one of his most famous marches below.

Washington Post March

Woody Guthrie

The 4th graders have begun their unit on American composers. We kicked it off by studying Oklahoma born, Woodrow (Woody) Guthrie. Woody enjoyed playing harmonica and guitar and wrote folk music for the everyday man to enjoy. The kids had fun putting boomwhackers to his song, “Bling Blang.”

Bling Blang

16th Notes

The 3rd graders were just introduced to 16th notes (tiri-tiri) in music class this week. To help us with how they sound, we performed them in the song “Old Brass Wagon.” Here is their circle dance that goes along with that song.

Old Brass Wagon

6th Grade Ukuleles

The 6th graders are loving Thursdays, now called “Ukulele Day!” They have learned a handful of one finger chords and were even able to use them to play along with the Banana Boat Song. We’ll be diving into two finger chords this week. Enjoy their video below!

Banana Boat Song