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Staff Jump

The 4th graders got to learn about the spaces of the treble clef this week. To review on our Fun Friday, we played a staff jump game. Watch the craziness below!!

Staff Jump

Sticky Dot Rhythms

The 6th graders are exploring new note values and just learned about triplets. Each 6th grader (or group of 6th graders) composed an 8 beat rhythm that they are showing off in the video below. They are all playing a different rhythm at the same time, so it sounds a little crazy!

Rhythm Drums


Quarter Notes, Half Notes, Whole Notes, Oh My!

The 3rd graders were recently introduced to whole notes. They were each challenged to come up with an action to represent the three main notes we know now as 3rd graders-the whole note (4 beats) the half note (2 beats) and the quarter note (1 beat). View their creations below:

Note Vaues

New Instruments!

The kindergarteners have already started learning about new instruments in music class. Our current unit matches a new instrument with a farm animal every week. This video is of Mrs. Siebels class playing the rhythm sticks!

Listen to the Ducks