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What A Wonderful World 2015-2016

Once again, the first graders studied jazz music. In this unit, we study scat singing, jazz instrument families, and legendary jazz singing, Louis Armstrong. They each colored a page that corresponds to his famous song, “What A Wonderful World.” Please enjoy their video below.


Mrs. Olson’s 2015-2016

What A Wonderful World

One of my favorite units of study with the 1st grade is our unit on jazz music. We talk about the instruments in each of the jazz ensemble families and discuss jazz legend Louis Armstrong. The students recreate art work to his famous recording of the song, “What A Wonderful World.”

What A Wonderful World


1st Grade Melodrama

The 1st graders explored using different styles of voices this week in their dramatic melodrama. There were villains, heroes and damsels in distress!

Mrs. Olson’s Class

Asian Music

The 1st graders just finished a unit on Asian music, during which we discovered that most Asian music deals with nature. After reading the children’s book, The Umbrella, we created a rain storm using our own body percussion. I encourage you to close your eyes and relax as you watch this video.

Rain Storm