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Hedwig’s Theme

The third graders have had an exciting week, exploring the music of Harry Potter. We identified different dynamics, different melodies, and different orchestra families being used in Hedwig’s Theme. Then we added our own instruments to it and performed it for you to see! Enjoy by clicking below.

Hedwig’s Theme

16th Notes

The 3rd graders were just introduced to 16th notes (tiri-tiri) in music class this week. To help us with how they sound, we performed them in the song “Old Brass Wagon.” Here is their circle dance that goes along with that song.

Old Brass Wagon

Star Spangled Banner

The 3rd graders started off the month learning about Francis Scott Key, the Battle of Baltimore, and the history of our National Anthem. They enjoyed watching various version of the Star Spangled Banner and learning what all the words mean, as well as discussing pros and cons to having the Star Spangled Banner as our […]

Rounds and Solfege

The 3rd Grade has been learning new solfege notes: Do, Re, Mi, and Fa. Below is a link to watch them sing their new notes in a round (2 parts that sing the same thing but start at different times.)


3rd Grade