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Folk Music

The 4th grade students are currently learning about folk music. They have sung traditional American folk music, learned how to square dance, and today they performed a common folk dance. Enjoy “Alabama Gal” below!


Alabama Gal

Woody Guthrie

Who says learning about composers can’t be fun?!!? The 4th grade is learning about 3 American composers and first on their list is Woody Guthrie, a folk music composer that was born in Oklahoma. He has written many popular songs including This Land is My Land and Bling Blang. Enjoy the 4th grader’s boomwhacker video […]

Strand Dance Off

Mr. Strand’s 4th Grade class chose to compete in a dance off for their Fun Friday. The girls’ first pick was “What Does the Fox Say?” followed by the boys doing “Happy” and then a duel during “Hawaiian Roller Coaster” from Lilo and Stitch. Enjoy their groovy moves below!


Dance Off

Staff Jump

The 4th graders got to learn about the spaces of the treble clef this week. To review on our Fun Friday, we played a staff jump game. Watch the craziness below!!

Staff Jump