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Williams vs. Webber

With the release of the new Star Wars movie, the 6th graders began studying the man behind the music, John Williams. John Williams is famous for composing the music to legendary movies such as Harry Potter, Hook, Jurassic Park, Superman, Indian Jones, Jaws, and of course Star Wars. We then compared him to British composer […]


The 6th Graders just finished a unit on Duke Ellington and jazz music. They created these water and marker projects while listening to Duke’s jazz hit, “Mood Indigo.”


Sticky Dot Rhythms

The 6th graders are exploring new note values and just learned about triplets. Each 6th grader (or group of 6th graders) composed an 8 beat rhythm that they are showing off in the video below. They are all playing a different rhythm at the same time, so it sounds a little crazy!

Rhythm Drums


Duke Ellington & Jazz

The 6th Graders just finished a unit on jazz music and composer Duke Ellington. They used markers and water to create these pieces of art inspired by Ellington’s “Mood Indigo.”