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2nd Grade Snow Song

The 2nd graders sure did enjoy their snow day last week! While working on being able to read and notate Mi, So, and La on the staff, everyone pitched in to write our Snow Song. Each 2nd grader put up one note and then we added words. We hope you enjoy our creation in the link below!

Snow Song

Opera Day!

The Kindergarten class has been studying the musical art form of opera. We learned that operas tell a story using only singing, but they also include costumes, scenery, and props. To top off our opera unit, we celebrated Opera Day! The students could only have conversation if they were singing to each other.


They all enjoyed putting together our opera version of The Three Little Pigs. Although, with such a large class, we had to change the title to The Little Pigs! Enjoy it for yourself below by clicking on the “opera” link.


Kindergarten Opera

Folk Music

The 4th grade students are currently learning about folk music. They have sung traditional American folk music, learned how to square dance, and today they performed a common folk dance. Enjoy “Alabama Gal” below!


Alabama Gal

African Music

The 2nd graders just finished a unit on African music. Not only did they get to learn about various African countries, but they got to play African instruments, sing African songs, and enjoy this African musical game, “Obwisana”.


Obwisana Music Game