One-Act Play Begins


There are a lot of changes being made in the play this year! Only one play is being performed this year, titled “How to Succeed in High School Without Really Trying” by Jonathan Rand. In addition to the RPAC play competition on November 19th and the District Play Production on November 28th-30th, they are also competing in a play competition in York on November 12th.
They are also very involved with future actors and actresses in the elementary and junior high. Along with the performance for the elementary on October 25th, they will be holding a theatre camp for kindergarten through 8th graders on October 8th from 9:30-11:00.
Here is a list of the cast and crew:

Michelle Fritz- Director
Courtney Stottler- Assistant Director
Abigail Waldo- Stage Manager


Jarod Asche- Robbie, Subject C, Science Student #7, Creepy Guy, Wrestler #2
Matthew Bell- Agent C
Joel Brown- Robert, Trig, Science Student #2, Wrestler #1, (Understudy Sorry)
Madalyn Brugh- What, Halloween Partier #1, Karla, Mob #1
Tana Eddy- Anna, Girl, Joan, Mob #3
David Ehrke- Sorry, Subject A/FB QB, Prince
Mitchell Gehrig- Subject D, Science Student #3, Mob #2
Maloree Graf- Felicia, Science Student #1, Mrs. Edwards
Tanya Humenyuk- English Student #2, Leon, Referee
Lanessa Kerner- Mrs. Truckle, Halloween Partier #3, Science Student #5, Beth
Kelsey Kermmoade- Wendy, Assistant, Science Student #4, Valedictorian, (Understudy Operator)
Emily Malone- Operator, Halloween Partier #2, Reporter
Peyton McQuay- Erica, Science Student #6, Sandy, Erica W.
Hallie Prickett- Agent D
Emma Smolik- Jennifer, English Student #1, Mrs. Zurm, Walker, (Understudy Agent)
Ethan Snyder- Agent B
Carson Wolfe- Agent A

Crew Members:

Callie Broeker
Sadie Ritter
Nova Monk
Caitlyn Menze
Ali Moulton
Alina Stenka
Dakota Hughes
Caden Moore

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