RPAC Art Awards

The RPAC Art Contest that was in Cambridge on January 18, four Alma High School students got awards. Including, Maddie Brugh got the Best in School Medal with her piece The Hope Within. Hallie Prickett got 1st Honorable Mention with Gaze. Sophomore, Kelsey Kermmoade, got 2nd Honorable Mention with The Seeker’s Catch. Third Honorable Mention went to Alissa Vlach with Queen of the Forest.

Article by Julie Nelson




Watercolor Pencil Drawing by Alissa Vlach Received 3rd Honorable Mention

Lion painted in acrylics by Kelsey Kermmoade. It received 2nd Honorable Mention in RPAC

Hallie Prickett horse in charcoal received 1st Honorable Mention.

This lion made in acrylics by Madalynn Brugh received Best in School in RPAC.

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