What is Jana’s Campaign?

On February 1, Alma Public Schools had speakers come and talk to the students about Jana’s Campaign. Jana’s Campaign is about bringing awareness to domestic abuse.  Jana was a college student at KU that was killed by a former boyfriend.  The mom and step dad of Jana spoke to all student 6-12 for about an hour in the morning.  They showed videos about the danger signs in relationships and showed short clips of videos about healthy and unhealthy relationships.  After lunch, they also separated boys and girls into separate groups.  These discussions talked about the wrong and right way to treat each other and the correct way to treat yourself. All the students and staff seemed to get a lot of information from the assembly.

The Jana’s campaign has a website which is janascampaign.org.   They left cards with all the students that had information on other places to get help.  Those listed are Love is Respect.  Their website is loveisrespect.org and the Safe Center in Kearney is a great local resource.

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