Wrestler Make Early Morning Trip to Harvard

After the trip to Cambridge, early Saturday morning we headed to Harvard. Josh Mapes and Kyle Johnson were unable to get a win but showed improvement from just a few days prior. Joseph Felix and Tyson McCurdy were both in the 160lb weight class. (they are both working to get to lower weight classes but for a few week they are close in weight and will wrestle in the same weight class) They were in different pools and once they wrestled 4 matches they both were headed to the 3rd/4th place match. Tyson got the better of Joseph and won! So Tyson took 3rd place and Joseph took 4th! Jesus Felix was able to get 4 wins and earn himself 3rd place! The team will travel to Southern Valley on Friday, wrestling begins at 10am. Write up is courtesy of  Head Coach, Mr. Felix.

Here is the video update on the Cardinals Wrestling by Mr. Felix

By Tiffany Wells

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