Alma Cardinals put up a Good Fight at Home Opener

Alma and Wilcox-Hildreth fight back and forth but Alma beats them 2-1. Carlee Stuhmer (Freshman)got 16 kills and 4 aces, Tiffany Wells (Senior) got 8 kills and 1 ace, Kelsey Kermode (Senior) got 4 kills, Maddie Eherke (Sophmore) got 2 kills, Dakota Hughes got 2 aces, Abbi Fox (Freshman) got 1 kill, Abby Waldo (Senior) got 4 aces, and Maloree Graf (Senior) got 3 aces.

Alma had a tough battle against Northern Valley and lost with 2-0. Dakota Hughes (Senior) got 3 kills and 2 aces, Tiffany Wells (Senior) got 5 kills, Kelsey Kermode ( Senior) got 4 kills, Carlee Stuhmer (Freshman) got 8 kills and 2 aces, and Maddie Eherke (Sophmore) got 2 kills, Abby Waldo (Senior) got 1 ace, and Maloree Graf (Senior) got 2 aces.

Article by Adam Gesick

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