Alma Girls Beat Silverlake in the Holiday Tournament

Carlee Stuhmer started the game off early with 2 points. Then shortly after Abby Fox came down and scored 2. Then she got fouled and missed the free throw. Then Tiffany Wells made 2 points. Kayla Kindler rushed over and splashed a 3 and Kayla made another 3. That was the end of quarter 1 with 12 points.

To start the second quarter Tiffany Wells gets fouled and made both free throws. Then she rushes back down and scores 2 points. Then she gets fouled again and missed both. Then she makes 2 points again. Then Carlee Stuhmer made 2 points. Carlee got fouled and made both. Then Kayla Kindler runs back from defense and scores 2 points. Then after that makes her third 3 of the day. Then she gets fouled and makes one and misses the other. Then she gets fouled again and missed them both. The score at the end of quarter 2 has Alma with 15 points for the quarter and 27 for the hal.

To start the third quarter Kayla Kindler gets fouled and makes 1 free throw and missed the other. Then Carlee Stuhmer scores 2. Then she does the same and makes 2 more points. Then Abby Fox comes down and scores a field goal. Then Dakota Hughes comes down and makes a three pointer. They end the third quarter with 10 points.

To start the fourth quarter Carlee Stuhmer gets fouled and makes them both. Then she rushes back and makes a field goal and then drains a three-pointer. Tiffany Wells comes down and gets fouled and missed both. Then the same happens to Carlee Stuhmer but she makes both. Carlee goes on to make two more field goals. Tiffany adds two more points to the board with another field goal. Then Dakota Hughes comes down and gets fouled makes them both. Alma ends the game-winning 49-46.

Article by Owen Jackson

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