Cardinals Played a Tough Game Against Tigers

The Alma basketball girls played Maywood in McCook for RPAC Finals. Starting off the game Carlee Stuhmer made a three pointer, following that Dakota Hughes Shot a free throw making the last one. Next up Abbi Fox scored two 2 pointers, which makes the final score of quarter one 8. 

Playing the next quarter Nakayla Hock made one out of two free throws. Tiffany Wells then made a two pointer and then made a free-throw making the last one and then another 2 pointer. Stuhmer made a three pointer and shot a free throw making one of them. Wells scored a two pointer to end the quarter making the score 12.

In the third quarter Wells shot a free throw and made one point. After that Abby Cervera shot a three pointer and then a two pointer. Then Fox shot a free throw making the last one, Wells made an additional 2 points. Fox then shot another free throw and made one of the two. The final score of quarter 3 was 11.

In quarter four Stuhmer made two three pointers. And Wells swooped in making a two pointer. Hughes made 4 free throws, Fox then made a free throw. Stuhmer made another 3 pointer, and then Jessica Pfeil made two more points. The final score of the last quarter was 19. The final score of the game was 50.

Article by Jillian Holmberg

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