Cardinals Start Off the Season With a Battle

Alma had their first home game last Friday night. After a tough 4 quarters the Cardinals fell 36-48 against the Bertrand Vikings. During the first quarter of the game, Bertrand made 2 touchdowns with a 2 Yd Run by Jordan Holen and a 17 Yd Pass by Miles Peterson, leading the score to 0-14. Alma responded with an Ehren Smolik’s 34 Yd Pass from Daylan Russell, resulting in a score of 8-14.

Alma made a touchdown when Joseph Felix made a 1 Yd Run during the second quarter. This tied the game to 14-14. Bertrand then made 2 touchdowns when Jordan Holen made a 31 Yd Pass and a 40 Yd Pass. This resulted in a score of 14-26. Alma soon responded with a touchdown by Daylan Russel, who made a 5 Yd Run.

In the Third quarter, Alma made a touchdown with Daylan Russel’s 1 Yd Run. Bertrand then responded with 2 more touchdowns. Jarod Asche made a 3 Yd Run touchdown during the 4th quarter. The Vikings then came back with a touchdown by Ignacio Estrada’s 30 Yd Run.  Nathan Hock contributed to the game with a tackle and a sack.  Alma takes on Northern Valley next.

Article by Madison Korman


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