Jv Girls Basketball Gets Second at Tournament at Southern Valley

The girls played Southern Valley to start off this tournament. First quarter Alma scored five points. Freshman’s: Madison Wolfe scored a bunny. Kaylee Baker made two free-throws. Abby Fox made one out of two free-throws. SV scored 2 points.  During the second quarter Freshman’s: Carlee Stuhmer made one out of three free-throws. Wolfe scored 3 points with a free-throw and . a lay-up. Fox made both her free-throws. All together they scored 6 points. Sv scored zero points making the score  11 to 2, Alma winning. At the start of the second half they made 4 free-throws all together and Fox made a bunny. Alma Scored 6 and SV scored 2. In the last quarter Baker and Wolfe both scored a lay-up and Fox made a free-throw. Ending the game with the score of 22 to 14. Alma won their first game. 

In the second game Alma played Wilcox. In the first quarter Freshman’s: Carlee Stuhmer scored 2. Kaylee Baker scored a 2 and a free-throw. Abby Fox made a free-throw. All together they scored 6 and Wilcox scored 4. Stuhmer scored a three in the second quarter. Wilcox scored 9 points. Making the score 9-14. Starting the second half Suhmer made a three pointer. Freshman: Jessica Pfeil made a layup. Wilcox scored 6. In the fourth quarter Stuhmer scores her third three pointer. Baker made a layup and Madison made a bunny. The game ended with the score of 23-26. Alma lost and got runner-up in the tournament.

Article by Bonnie Nelson

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