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“What A Wonderful World” of Jazz

The first grade classes just finished studying jazz music, and with it, famous jazz composer Louis Armstrong. After listening to his popular song, “What A Wonderful World,” they each helped create their own version of the song. Enjoy by clicking on the link below.

What A Wonderful World

Peter & the Wolf

The kindergarten class has been busy learning about all of the instruments. They even learned about a story called Peter and the Wolf that uses different instruments for each character. When we were finished reading the story and studying the instruments, each kindergarten student drew a picture of their favorite one. Enjoy their video and some of the music from the story by clicking on the link below.


Peter and the Wolf


Halloween is fast approaching and to get in the spirit, the 6th graders spent the week looking at Michael Jackson’s famous “Thriller.” We learned about new rhythms, special sound effects, and even got our groove on. Enjoy the clip below!

6th Grade “Thriller”

Hedwig’s Theme

The third graders have had an exciting week, exploring the music of Harry Potter. We identified different dynamics, different melodies, and different orchestra families being used in Hedwig’s Theme. Then we added our own instruments to it and performed it for you to see! Enjoy by clicking below.

Hedwig’s Theme