Roughriders Fought Through Alma Strength

Alma Boys Varsity Basketball team played at Southwest against the Roughriders Tuesday, December 11, at 7. Starting the game off Jackson Mckenzie scored two 2-pointers putting 4 points on the score board for the Cardinals. Burke Boehler added 7 more points on the board by making two 2-pointers and a 3-pointer. Roughriders scored 17 points this quarter, making the score of the first quarter 11-17.

Issac McCurdy gave it all he got the second quarter by scoring 7 points. Isaac made two 2-pointers and a 3-pointer this quarter to help beat those Roughriders. Burke Boehler followed in his lead by scoring a total of 6 points. Burke made a 3-pointer, 2-pointer, and made one of his free-throw shot. Marcus Pineda following not the far behind making a 3-pointer. The Roughriders had 16 points. At the end of the second quarter the score was 27-33.

Refreshed from the break, the Alma Cardinals started off strong. Burke Boehler and Marcus Pineda both scoring a 2-pointer. Jackson McKenzie had a good quarter and scored 8 points! Jackson made two 3-pointers and one 2-pointer to help the team. Southwest Boys also came back refreshed and scored 17 points, making the score of the third quarter 39-50.

All or nothing we fought back even harder. With the help from Carter Davis and Marcus Pineda, we added 6 points on the scoreboard. Jarod Asche added another 2 points with a 2-pointer. Jackson McKenzie added the last 7 points of the game by making 3, 2-pointers and successfully making his free-throw shot.  With our defense strong we held back those Roughriders to only 15 points. Making the final score of the game 60-65.

Article By Haylee Wing

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