The Alma/Southern Valley softball team beat Gothenburg and Alliance in the triangler.

Gothenburg Game

The Saints destroyed the first inning with fourth runs. In the defense of side of the ball, they kept them scoring only 2 runs.  Then is the 2nd they didn’t have such fun inning with only twice runs then they didn’t let Gothenburg score at all. then in the 3rd, they didn’t score at all then in defense, they let Gothenburg score twice. Then the fourth inning I bet was more exhausted inning with scoring 3 then letting score 4. Then in the fifth was a cooldown with only scoring 2 and not letting score at all. Then in the six and the seventh there where no runs. Abby Cervera leads the softball team with 10 first strike pitches. P.J. Dubbs, Abby Cervera, Kynlee Marquez lead hits with 3. Abby Cervera had the least amount of strikeouts with 1. Kynee Marquez lead with 6 RBIs. Haley Witte, P.J. Dubbs, Kynlee Marquez lead in QABs. Saints won the game 11-8.

Alliance game

The Saints what I’m guessing was a tough game. In the first inning, there were no runs. In the second inning there where no runs yet again. In the third inning Alma/Southern Valley finally, put a run on the board and put alliance with a stop again. In the fourth inning, alliance put a run on the board and stopped the Saints on defense. There where one run put on by the Saints in the sixth inning. and there where no runs in the seventh inning. P.J. Dubbs lead the team with one hit. Haley Witte had the most walks with two. Elsie Stokie lead the team in RBIs with one. Haley Witte leads the team in QABs with two. Kynlee Marquez leads the team in first-pitch strikes with seventeen. Kynlee Marquez leads the team in strikeouts with eleven. Saints won the game 1-2.

Information provided by Game Changer

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