The Cardinals Out Flew the Flyers

The Alma Cardinals played the Franklin Flyers on Thursday, January 3rd. The Cardinals played a tough game against the Flyers. In the first quarter they started out strong with Jackson McKenzie making both free throws, Burke Boehler scoring two three-pointers and Nathan Hock scoring four field goals in a row! In the first quarter the Cardinals ended up scoring a total of sixteen points.

In the second quarter, the Cardinals started out with Jackson McKenzie scoring one three-pointer, a field goal, and one free-throw. Carter Davis missing one free throw and making three, Nathan Hock shot a free-throw and made it into the hoop. The Cardinals ended up scoring a total of ten points in the second quarter. Alma led the flyers 26-16 at the half.

In the third quarter, the Cardinals came out strong after halftime with Jackson McKenzie scoring a field goal, a three-pointer and two free throws. Carter Davis scored one three-pointer, and Burke Boehler scored two field goals. The Cardinals played a strong third quarter scoring a total of fourteen points. 

In the fourth quarter, the Cardinals finished the game on a scoring run. Jackson McKenzie scored two three-pointers and two field goals. Burke Boehler made one field goal and one free-throw and Tanner Heckenlivley scoring one three-pointer. The Cardinals played a great game scoring a total of 18 points in the fourth quarter and fifty-eight points throughout the whole game with the Flyers only scoring forty. 

Article by Elliott Fletcher

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