Tough Husky Boys Team Beats the Cardinals

The Alma Cardinals boys played a good game against Northern Valley on February the 5th. Starting off the game Burke Boehler made a three pointer, then Jackson McKenzie shot a free throw and made both and then made an extra three pointer. Then Nathan Hock swooped in and made a free throw. Tanner Heckenlively made a free throw.

In the second quarter, McKenzie made a free throw making both shots, he made two more two pointers. Carter Davis then made a free throw. McKenzie came in and shot a three-pointer, and then Boehler made a free throw. Making the score of this quarter 16.

Starting off the third quarter McKenzie shot a free throw. Boehler then made a free throw and then shot a free throw, making one of them. He then made another free throw. McKenzie swooped back in and made a two pointer, making the quarter score 9.

To start off the fourth quarter McKenzie made 2 two pointers and then shot a free throw making one point. Boehler came through and shot a free throw making one after that McKenzie swooped back in and made yet another 2 pointers. Davis made a three-pointer then Hunter Dahlgren shot a free throw making the last one, which makes the quarter score 12 and the overall score of the game 49.

Article by Jillian Holmberg

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